Participants in the OGCB Site REU will join in three specific activities:

  • An independent project, where students engage in their own research project under the mentorship of one of the OGCB faculty.
  • A brown-bag workshop to discuss careers in science and going to grad school.
  • Participation in group activities such as weekly lectures on special topics in ocean global change biology, a weekend field trip, and an end of program colloquium.
  • End of the program symposium.


OGCB activities for the 8-week summer session.

             Weeks 1 and 2 are shown here, with week 2 being more representative of the 8-week session.

Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 Ice-breaker Activity, 9am-12pm

Group lunch and introductions


Introduction to your mentor and new lab group  

Organization & lab tours + safety training


Research Day



Research Day


2 Research Day


9-10am: All hands meeting. Topical lectures from the OGCB faculty (~45min) Research Day


Research Day


Professional Development Workshop