Participants in the OGCB Site REU will join in three specific activities:

  • An independent project, where students engage in their own research project under the mentorship of one of the OGCB faculty.
  • A brown-bag workshop to discuss careers in science and going to grad school.
  • Participation in group activities such as weekly lectures on special topics in ocean global change biology, educational excursions, and an end of program colloquium.
  • End of the program symposium.


Exploring the diversity of marine ecosystems within Santa Barbara

Ecosystems (starting from top-left corner moving clockwise): Intertidal, Kelp forest, Slough, Beach

Much of the marine-related research conducted at UCSB utilizes ecosystems found within a relatively close radius to the campus itself. As such, participants of this program will be exposed to the current work done at various local research sites within Santa Barbara. Led by the UCSB faculty and graduate students carrying out research at these sites, OGCB REU participants will explore areas such as the intertidal and kelp forest to gain a better understanding of how these diverse ecosystems are affected by changes to our climate.


OGCB activities for the 8-week summer session.

Weeks 1 and 2 are shown here, with week 2 being more representative of the 8-week session.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday



Mentor/Cohort meet-and-greet (9am-12pm)

Group lunch and introductions (1-4pm)

Introduction to your mentor and new lab group Organization & lab tours + safety training Research Day


Research Day



Research Day


Professional Development Workshop (9-10am)

All hands meeting. Topical lectures from the OGCB faculty (10-11am)


Research Day


Research Day