How to Apply

Program dates: June 22, 2019 – August 14, 2019.

Accepting applications starting November 1, 2019

Application deadline February 1, 2020

Minimum requirements to apply to the program:

  1. U.S citizenship or permanent residence status
  2. Enrollment at a U.S. institution
  3. Rising college sophomore, juniors, and seniors

Application Materials:

  1. Transcript (unofficial transcript will be accepted)
  2. Personal statement (2-pages)
  3. C.V.
  4. List of completed coursework
  5. One letter from someone who knows your science career and can discuss how the OGCB REU program will help you reach your goals.
  6. Two letters of recommendation

Send all application materials to: oceanchange-reu “at” All application material should be in .pdf file format.  Please use the following file name structure for application material: “Transcript file for  Jane Doe”: doe.jane.transcript.  Please arrange to have your letters sent directly to the OGCB email address (oceanchange-reu “at”

Applicants will receive notification by April 1, 2020