REU 2022 – Virtual Symposium

September 12, 2022

Agenda (all times are in PST)

1:00 pm Opening Remarks and Introductions

1:25 pm Lilly Chertock – Environmental Correlates of Great White Shark Detection in the Carpinteria Area

1:40 pm Ricardo Hernandez – The Heat Is On. Evaluating intraspecific variation in C. californica in response to marine heatwaves

1:55 pm Asiah Giuntoni – Contribution of Wrack Subsidies and Beach Hopper Population Density to Sandy Beach CO2 Flux

2:10-2:30 pm Break

2:30 pm Jaden Bryce Hansen – Assessing the role of macroalgal dissolved organic carbon’s properties in regulating its turnover.

2:45 pm Kyaralind Vasquez-Liriano – TurnUp2.0: Exploring Marine Heatwave Impacts on Early Development & Larval Thermotolerance in K. kelletii Larvae in Santa Barbara, California

3:00 pm Payton Aper – Quantifying Heterotrophic Marine Thaumarchaea in the California Current

3:15 pm – Closing remarks